fabrica gallery: t h e y / o n l a r by ipek duben 

Graphic design and exhibition signage for the UK premiere of Turkish artist Ipek Duben's THEY/ONLAR installation at Fabrica, Brighton, UK April - May 2017.


Fabrica is a contemporary art gallery in Brighton, UK which shows three installations per year. 

Their first show of 2017 is the UK premiere of THEY/ONLAR by Turkish artist Ipek Duben. The show is about identity, prejudice and exclusion. The installation was first shown in SALT in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015 and the main graphic motif was that of the participants' hands (their identities are protected outside of the gallery for their own privacy and security). 

The work is a light and sound piece which focuses on the participants' stories. For this reason I chose to use words - the descriptions of the characters in the piece - and position them with the title THEY/ONLAR to contextualise these descriptions as pejorative terms.


The bold typography and the fact that the type isn't formulated in a rigid grid ensures that the viewer can quickly decode a word and is encouraged to see the others; confronting some familiar and unfamiliar words but understanding that they're similarly descriptive and neutral but can also be used to isolate.