fabrica gallery: the interval and the instant by steven eastwood

Graphic design and exhibition signage for Steven Eastwood's groundbreaking exhibition exploring death, relationships and the passing of time. Shown at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, UK October - November 2017.


Fabrica is a contemporary art gallery in Brighton, UK which shows three installations per year. 

The Interval and the Instant is a multiscreen video installation by British filmmaker Steven Eastwood. The work addresses the taboo subject of dying, reflecting current attitudes in palliative care and society around end of life experience and the visibility of the dying person.

It was filmed over a one year period at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, Isle of Wight.

The work is an honest and staggeringly beautiful portrayal of the end of life and, as such, is challenging piece of work for some viewers. I opted to mix some of the geographical and rhythmic elements of the film - landscapes and ferries - along with a close up image of the face and hand to reflect the balance of visual and soften the access points to the work.

The blue grade of the film also provides a soft palette for printed materials and environmental design.

The typeface is lowercase and serif with emphasis placed on the words (and thus concepts of) interval and instant. The lowercase typeface provides a dignified but accessible tone to the material and separates the work from the sleek modernism of previous exhibitions.

interval cover
interval window