fabrica gallery: in colour by peter hudson

Graphic design and exhibition signage for Peter Hudson's interactive light installation at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, UK July - August 2017.


Fabrica is a contemporary art gallery in Brighton, UK which shows three installations per year. 

This site-specific work was created in collaboration with people with complex needs, resulting in an immersive piece that invites audiences to interact with it and each other, non-verbally. The work has been developed to appeal to people who are highly sensitive to their environments and to sensory stimuli. As such the work is accessible and inclusive exploring themes of communication and consciousness and how environment affects behaviour.

As the piece fills Fabrica's vast space with light I opted to use blank space and a changing colour spectrum to reflect the nature of the work whilst keeping the motif abstract and mysterious. The gallery prints thousands of exhibition guides and each thousand is printed using a different spectrum.

in colour cover 2