fabrica gallery: getting there by jo lathwood

Graphic design, exhibition signage and print collateral for Jo Lathwood's exciting exhibition incorporating sculptural, performative and philosophical elements. Shown at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, UK July - August 2018.


Fabrica is a contemporary art gallery in Brighton, UK which shows three installations per year. 

Getting There is concerned with the making of a journey on one spot. Combining sculptural, performative and philosophical aspects, the work will be constructed, exhibited and deconstructed entirely within a six to seven-week period. It is conceived as a large, rising, pathway that compels the curious visitor to follow it through the exhibition hall and up into the roof area with the promise of touching the ceiling. Visitors will be able to watch its construction for the first three weeks, use it for the next two and see it dismantled in the last week.

Getting There will respond to the architecture of the building: using the whole space in ways that shift visitors’ perspectives and perceptions of it and reinterpreting its specific material qualities of varnished wood and Bath stone by a rougher-edged intervention of wood and scaffold. The exact layout and aesthetic of the pathway will be determined as the work unfolds, allowing for the artist’s iterative process of working.

The design uses the artist's preparatory drawings and sketches to highlight the process that takes place before anyone steps foot in the gallery. The drawings are digitised and re-coloured giving the print collateral the suggestion of a blueprint. The paper stock is rough and matte finished to reflect the rough materials used in the sculpture.

The primary typeface, Futura Condensed Medium, is modified so the T letterforms suggest the cut pieces of wood used and are connected to reflect the assemblage of materials. The words are misaligned allowing the word 'Getting' to suggest movement and the journey.

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